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Cycling in Warrington

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Kissing Gate - very difficult to get a bike through.

Good signing on Black Bear Park cycle path identifies individual streets connecting to the path.

Difficult access from the Black Bear Park cycleway to the south side of Knutsford road via a set of steps and an awkward barrier.

One of several barriers obstructing progress along the Black Bear Park. UPDATE 2018: Barriers along Black Bear Park are now permanently open.

Clear direction signing

'A' frame barrier

'A' frame barrier

Clear direction signing on the Black Bear Park. Unfortunately the signs point the wrong way. Cyclists heading for Woolston & Birchwood need to follow the Westy direction and follow Stringer Crescent as there is no exit to the northbound sid ... [more]

Two-stage zebra crossing results in nasty pinch points.

Latchford one-way system - nasty three-lane road.

Four Sheffield Stands at Lidl Latchford.

One-Way system around Latchford results in a horrible cycle-hostile three lane race-track.

Three Sheffield stands.

Four Sheffield stands in Latchford.

'A' frame can be avoided by a little path to the left

This used to be a difficult barrier, but has been replaced with an 'A' frame, which can be avoided by riding through the open gate.

Diversion on Trans-Pennine Trail - has been in place for quite a while.

Barrier where two cycle routes (Trans-Pennine Trail NCN62 & Black Bear Park) cross the A49 at a toucan crossing. The pavement can get very crowded when even small groups try to thread themselves from the crossing through the barrier. The s ... [more]

Section of the Trans-Pennine Trail has been closed by site works for a few years.

Sheffield Stands by the poilce station in Stockton Heath.

Five Sheffields Stands at M&S Stockton Heath. Tend to be well used.

There used to be cycle stands at Aldi in Stockton Heath, but they were used as trolley storage. Then they were ripped out to make way from containers with a smart shelter for the trollies. Cycles have to be locked to whatever is available.

Advanced stop line with central approach lane enabling cyclists to adopt a good road position to turn right, and to avoid the laft hooking problem with kerb line approaches. Sadly, soon after the photo was taken, this facility was remove ... [more]

Cycle lane / parking bay combo

Wide road allows plenty of room for overtaking so makes for comfortable overtaking. Just up the road cycle lanes have been painted: #58758. That results in much closer overtaking - ... [more]

Cycle parking outside Warrington Library

Cycling past Warrington's Golden Gates

Bollard right in the middle of a narrow cycle path.

Impassable barrier. Burtonwood Road used to be a quiet lane. This was ideal for cycling until some muppet decided to convert it to a cycle facility by errecting these obstacles. There is a simillar barrier at the other end #58769

As the train pulled into Warrington Bank Quay station we noticed bikes like these attached to many of the station pillars. Couldn't quite make out what the promotion was about, something like WBQ bikes?

A small bike at Warrington Bank Quay station, with cycle parking behind. There are other bikes around the station that are part of a promotion encouraging passengers to make cycle reservations.

Two bridges crossing the Mersey have been combined to create a multi-lane giratory. This is a complete barrier to anyone trying to access Warrington town centre from the south.

Very narrow overgrown unsegregated shared-use pavement is split down the middle for a very short stretch. This is indicated by the incorrect sort of tactile paving, which is dangerous to cycle over and misleading for visually impaired pedes ... [more]

Narrow, overgrown, shared-use pavement gives way to a very minor side road

An otherwise good 2m wide on-carriageway cycle lane gives way to left turning traffic.

Convoluted set off metal barriers makes makes it difficult to access this strtch of the trans penninine trail from the dropped kerb. Most people bump over the kerb to ride round the barrier.

Unridable labyrinth obstructs access to this part of the national cycle network

Access control barrier is too narrow to fit handlebars through

Strange, very short semicircular cycle path ends by dropping staight off a kerb.

Signal controlled crossroads has multiple islands such that there are ten separate pedestrian crossings Pedestrians need to use at least four stages to cross the road. For some reason, cyclists are permitted to use some of these, but not ot ... [more]

Fiddly pavement conversion. Segregated-shared use path heading round a bend towards locked gates encounters the wrong type of tactile paving - the dangerous corderoy surface.

Straight 3.5m wide, smooth machine laid tarmac, well lit path through a park. Unfortunately fiddly access control barriers mean it does not link seamlessly with the roads at either end.

Bus Gate - The traffic lights are triggered by transducers in buses to ensure this route is not abused by motor traffic. Cyclists can use a push button. The button could do with being a bit more obvious.

One traffic lane reallocated to create a 2m wide lead-in lane to an advanced stop line

Contra-flow bus lane and 20mph limit.

"Except Cycles" sign used to enable cyclists to ride in both directions this road in the town centre. All the town centre streets are now subject to a 20mph limit so there is potential to achieve a great deal more filtered permeability.

Bus Lane. Even though the bus lane only operates during the moring rush hour, motor vehicles tend to keep out of it all the time giving a wide clear route for cyclists. Unfortunately warrington also permits taxis and private-hire vehicles ... [more]

Pavement buildout on the approach to a pedestrian crossing narrows a wide traffic lane to one of critical width. This means that cyclists riding along comforably in secndary position need to negotiate into the stream of motor traffic.

A number of central islands along this stretch of road creates a prolonged pinch point. Particularly nasty for cyclists as it is near the entrance of the sixth form college.

Minor road speads out to create a 3 lane approach to this junction. Pedestrians are squeezed onto incredible narrow pavements behind railings and there is no space at all for cyclists

Narrow Cycle lane gets even thinner as the road passes a pinch point, squeezing cyclists between motor traffic and railings.

Dedicated left hand filter lane (for a supermarket) means cyclists heading straight on need to negotiate into lane 2. This can be intimidating.

Road space reallocation - lane one of the dual carriagway converted into a cycle lane

What was formerly a cycle friendly quiet road has been turned into a cycle path. But the installation of these access control barriers do not accommodate cycles.

Traffic calming - pinch point with cycle bypass

One-way street with cycle contraflow

Narrow cycle lanes (1.5m) make conditions worse for cyclists and result in dangerously close overtaking.

Badly implemented feeder lane for ASL. Rather than feeding the ASL, the feeder lane leads straight into a traffic island so cyclists need to swerve into the path of traffic at the last minute.

Elephants footprint crossing leads cyclists onto a cycle lane on the wrong side of a dual carriageway.

20mph Speed limit covering Warrington Town centre

Pointless access control barrier, half way down a steep slope on a poorly surfaced cycle track (NCN 62 Trans Penninine Trail)

On street car parking places reallocated to provide cycle parking on Museum strett, outside Warrington Library

On Manchester Ship Canal's Latchford Locks looking west. This is technically a pedestrian only path and is clearly marked, but not at all recommended to ride over or to use in dark or inclement conditions. There's no barriers to the deep wa ... [more]

No surprises here.

Another gate and A-frame on the Trans Pennine Trail

A wide section of path, but very dusty in dry conditions.

Another A-frame and gate on the St Helens Canal path

'Danger - Unstable canal wall. No Angling.'

To the left, the Trans Pennine Trail, to the right, the Trans Pennine Trail. Helpful!

NCN 62 adjacent to St Helens Canal

Stop, Look, Listen - level crossing with sprung gates leading to NCN 62

A-frame on path out of park, plus busy uncontrolled road crossing, next to St Helens Canal.

Stepped ramp footbridge over the St Helens Canal

In case anyone does get up the steps in #52548, there's a gate to stop them getting off the bridge into the park.

This stepped ramp leads up to the footbridge over the Sankey Brook

A road closure that exempts cycles. Nice and simple!

A road closure without cycle exemption, unlike nearby #52545, and would be so easy to change.

One of the better pieces of cycle infrastructure in Warrington, an exemption to a road closure opposite the main station

Sankey Street, Warrington

Sankey Street, Warrington.

Wonderful Golden Gates - horrible dual carriageway.

Nasty horrible dual carriageway oneway systems - this sort of thing should no longer be part of a central city area.

Looks quite inviting welcome to Warrington from Bank Quay station, but the central area is mostly one way streets without cycling exemptions, and feels like a motor racing circuit.

This pub on the Trans Pennine Trail just in Warrington (from Trafford) has burned down and is now demolished (after many failed attempts at planning permission for converting to flats or housing)

Cycle Racks outside Warrington Library

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